Various information about VIVAIcare can be viewed and downloaded on this page.

We have put together downloads and other content for you. At this time, many materials are only available in German.

VIVAIcare - chinese

Thanks to the Golden Age Foundation from Hong Kong, we can now explain and provide our VIVAIcare System in Chinese. 

The e-book summarizes the innovative ideas and planning for a smart, intelligent city and autonomous living in old age presented at the 2021 "Golden Age Exhibition and Summit". Here you can find the complete e-book: CloudPublication

VIVAIcare at MWC2022

We had the honor to present VIVAIcare on the big stage of Mobile World Congress 2022, the world's most important congress for IoT. To our great delight, healthcare was one of the top topics at the show this year. You can view our contribution to the series "LIFE ALTERING WEARABLES IN HEALTHCARE" here. 

VIVAIcare brochure

Here you can download our brochure with information about VIVAIcare and Homebox Vivi. 

The VIVAIcare system

Here you see how easy and uncomplicated the system around Vivi and VIVAIcare can be integrated into your everyday life and what advantages it offers you. 

The Homebox VIVI

The entire VIVAIcare system is controlled by Vivi, but our Homebox can do a lot without additional connected devices.

VIVAIcare at Handorfer Hof

The Handorfer Hof of the Diakonie Münster was one of the first senior centers to test our VIVAIcare system. Resident Mrs. Ebert shares her experiences with the system in this video. 

Privacy statement

We want to use this video to show you what rights and options you have when dealing with your data for VIVAIcare.


This video covers the most important privacy issues when dealing with VIVAIcare.