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July 2023

VIVAIcare at Hauptstadtkongress2023

This year's Hauptstadtkongress in Berlin was once again a good place to meet and discuss the (lack of) digitization in care. It was an exciting and informative three days for VIVAIcare.

The exclusive evening reception at the Palais Populaire was a great success!

April 2023

VIVAIcare at Altenpflege 2023 in Nürnberg

We look back on an exciting week at Altenpflege! Among the experts in the industry, it is clear that the digitization of care is really taking off. Our impression of geriatric care: Everyone has understood that we absolutely need digital assistance systems, and not in the future, but now!

With the reimbursement of VIVAIcare from the nursing care insurance, all people can live as they wish to - the wallet no longer plays a role!

März 2023

VIVAIcare at MWC2023

This year we were again at the most important congress for IoT worldwide. It was again wonderful to be there live.

This year, we had the great honor of qualifying for the finals of the Pitch2Pitch competition in advance. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to win in the end, but once again it has been shown that the topic of Elderly Care is a high priority worldwide.  

It was again impressive days at the MWC with interesting conversations and contacts.

You can watch the final round live again here at MWC:

July 2022

VIVAIcare in RUHRWirtschaft

As the organizer of the trip to Paris for VivaTech 2022, the IHK zu Dortmund reports extensively on the days spent on site at the world's most important startup conference in its RUHRWirtschaft magazine, July/August 2022 issue. VIVAIcare was allowed to be present at this personal exchange with investors and other startups.

In a short interview, Dr. Horster answers exciting questions about the stay at VivaTech for the IHK. 

Read the complete interview with Dr. Horster here:

23 June 2022

VIVAIcare at Hauptstadtkongress Berlin

We also speak politics!

This year's Hauptstadtkongress focused on the question of how the future of the healthcare and nursing care sector will continue. Around 4,000 decision-makers from politics, hospitals, the healthcare industry, the medical profession, medical research, nursing care and payers discussed and gave presentations on the most urgent challenges in healthcare.

For us, the three days were a complete success. Besides an excellent pitch, we had the opportunity to present our Vivi live to the Minister of Health of Bavaria, Klaus Holetschek.

In the evening, as a sponsor of the networking evening, we were able to meet many great people and have conversations.

15 June 2022

VIVAtech2022 in Paris

VIVAtech is a technology conference for innovation and startups in France. Each year, business leaders, startups, investors, researchers and innovators are brought together to create positive change in business and for society. 

This year the focus was on the market for digital assistants for seniors and Dr. Bettina Horster hold an awsome pitch of VIVAIcare system. 

01 March 2022

VIVAIcare at MWC2022

The Mobile World Congress, the most important congress for IoT worldwide, finally opened its doors again. It was wonderful to be there live again.

This year we had the honor to present our VIVAIcare system on the big stage of the MWC. To our great pleasure, the topic of healthcare was one of the top topics at the trade fair this year.

This gave us a fresh impression of how the "Elderly Care" scene is positioned globally. We were able to take a look at everything at our leisure and make many contacts. All in all, VIVAIcare is still far ahead of its competitors in the comparison. Of course, this made us all very happy.

You can view our article in the "LIFE ALTERING WEARABLES IN HEALTHCARE" series here:

22 February 2022

DIN Spec 91397 - Guideline for the implementation of digital systems for neighborhood management

The "smart city" or the "neighborhood of the future" will be the standard for the development of new living spaces in just a few years. Larger municipalities are developing their own strategies - but medium-sized cities, smaller municipalities and neighborhoods often face major challenges in implementing these digitization goals. The DIN SPEC 91397 was developed as a support for exactly these municipalities and cities. 

VIVAI has worked to ensure that the social sector has found its way into the DIN Spec. In particular, we played a leading role in the applications health and care, assistance systems for people with disabilities, and living and working in the neighborhood.  

It was a great experience to be part of such a process and to build an important guide with colleagues.

DIN SPEC 91397 is available free of charge to anyone interested.

24 November 2021

Bitkom e.V. publishes the guide "Digital solutions for living in old age".

Bitkom has published an updated version of its guide "Digital Solutions for Living in Old Age" to coincide with the German Senior Citizens' Day. This describes both the opportunities that digital solutions can create in seniors' everyday lives and the attitudes of seniors to the topic of digitization. 

VIVAIcare was allowed to contribute a part to this guide. 

Read the full guide here:

23 September 2021

VIVAIcare wins innovation competition

With VIVAIcare, we took 4th place in the final round of the innovation competition at the 4th Cluster Conference "Future of Care" organized by the project team of the Nursing Practice Center (PPZ) Hanover! VIVAIcare was one of the favorites of the expert audience among the numerous applications concerning technical innovations that are intended to improve the care of people in need of care and to facilitate the daily work of nursing professionals.

We are honored to have received an award in this context!

Read here who is among the other participants.

01 June 2021

Minister Spahn and Mayor Müller open the House of Health at the ukb Berlin - VIVAIcare is present

Today at 9:00 a.m. the Smart Living & Health Center SLHC in the Haus der Zukunft at ukb was opened by the Federal Minister of Health, Mr. Jens Spahn and the Governing Mayor of Berlin, Mr. Michael Müller. VIVAIcare is part of the exhibition on Digital Assistance Systems in the Smart Living-Health Center at the Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin and a supporting member. From 01.07. virtual tours and physical visits are also possible.

01 June 2021

VIVAIcare in the ZDF morning show

 Vivi was featured in the ZDF Morgenmagazin [moma] on June 01, 2020. The reason was the opening of the "House of the Future" at the ukb in Berlin.

29 April 2021

Why nursing can particularly benefit from AI, machine learning and voice assistants

In her series of articles, Dr. Bettina Horster, CEO of VIVAI Software AG and Director of the IoT Competence Group at eco - Verband der Internetwirtschaft e. V. (Association of the Internet Industry), sheds light on how the healthcare sector, and the nursing sector in particular, can benefit from digitization and new technologies.

02 April 2021


Machine learning and voice assistants are essential to digitalizing care, as is digital infrastructure, explains Dr. Bettina Horster from the eco Association and VIVAI AG.

13 June 2020

Patients keep in touch with family thanks to new technology

An article from the Ruhr Nachrichten about the project "VideoBrücke".

29 May 2020

A VideoBridge that leads out of loneliness

The ban on visits is an enormous burden in the Corona crisis for people in need of care, relatives and caregivers. The "VideoBridge" project initiative offers a solution.

01. Januar 2020

Smart Service Power is now VIVAIcare

After completion of the renowned research project "Smart Service Power", the results were transferred to the VIVAIcare brand with the start in 2020.

09. Oktober 2019

Overcoming Preconceptions about Artifical Intelligence in the Healthcare Industry

An article by Dr. Bettina Horster, VIVAI Software AG, at

15 September 2019

Better living for the elderly

An article in the FAZ on the age-appropriate conversion of apartments.

13 September 2019

High visitor at VIVAI: The Hong Kong Council of Social Service

On Friday, Sept. 13, 2019, a multi-member delegation from the Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS) visited VIVAI's offices to learn more about the innovative VIVAIcare project.

HKCSS is the umbrella organization of over 400 social service providers in Hong Kong and is keenly interested in international technical developments on age-friendly living.


08 February 2019

Technical assistance solutions in living and care environments

An article from the newspaper CAREkonkret ( ).

07 February 2019

Smart assistance systems alleviate nursing shortage

A press release from the Internet association eco.