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A Product of VIVAI

The VIVAI Software AG has been actively shaping the Internet of Things (IoT) since 2011, making it one of the German pioneers in the application of this technology.

Based on our many years of implementation experience, our exceptional technical know-how and our intuition for decisive market trends, we offer an all-round service for IoT projects.
In addition, thanks to our portal business with and MedStep, we have already been able to gather a great deal of experience, expertise and good contacts in the healthcare sector. 


Smart solutions for IT-supported living

Early on, we decided to apply our know-how to tech-assisted living for the elderly and place ourselves in this field. According to the Hong Kong Social Welfare Authority, which conducted a global comparison of digital assistance systems for people with disabilities, VIVAIcare is one of the most innovative systems to date.

The brains behind VIVAI

VIVAI - Bettina

Dr. Bettina Horster

Head of Business Development
VIVAI Thomas

Thomas Horster-Möller

Chairman of the board

Visit some of our other projects

Whether chatbot, voice assistant or portal business, VIVAI Software AG offers a wide range of expertise. In particular, our portal businesses from the healthcare sector, and, are enjoying great success. 

In addition, the Smart Care Service funding project provides a platform that connects the needs of the elderly with tailored services in the right place and at the right time.

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Smart Care Service