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Live autonomously and self-determined!

Technology-supported retirement in your own four walls

"How to live at home as independently as possible for as long as possible and enjoy the security of a retirement home at the same time?"

Diese Frage stellt sich die Mehrheit der Seniorinnen und Senioren ab einem bestimmten Lebenspunkt. Und genau deshalb begleitete sie uns während der gesamten Arbeit an unserem europaweit einzigartigen Verbundprojekt „Smart Service Power“.

Under the aegis of VIVA and in cooperation with renowned science and research institutes, forward-looking technologies have been developed, that allow users to stay in their own home longer.  

Die Forschungsergebnisse des inzwischen international mehrfach ausgezeichneten Projekts fließen in unser innovatives Produkt VIVAIcare ein: Durch intelligente Digitalisierung und Smartifizierung wird das altersgerechte Wohnen in den eigenen vier Wänden unterstützt. Haushaltsnahe Versorgung und vernetzte Wertschöpfungsketten tragen dazu bei, dass alte Menschen so lange wie möglich sozial integriert zu Hause leben können.


Data acquisition

measure & record


Interactive application

evaluate & react


Device control

warn & secure


Virtual assistant

communicate & remember


Fall sensors

detect & alert


What do our users say?

"Many believe that older people can no longer cope with new technologies, but that's simply not true. The system speaks to me and I get all the information I need. That makes it very easy for me."

Christel Hahnen
Resident of Arnsberg

"A major problem is that you could fall and then you lie in your apartment and no one can help. It is very reassuring that this system exists. I can stay safely in my apartment and my kids dont have to worry."

Gerd Büchner
Senior citizen from Steinfurt

"The system is helpful precisely because my children live far away and cannot help me in emergency situations. Another problem for me is the older I get, the more I forget to take my pills. VIVAIcare now reminds me of this."

Marianne Hagen
User from Dortmund

"It's a very simple thing because I don't have to worry about it. It just happens! You hardly notice that there is a system working in the background, but it creates security."

Edith Spies
Resident from Schwerte