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Grow old
with a secure feeling

With the help of modern technical assistance systems it is possible to stay in your own apartment longer. The individual support can be tailored to your requirements. VIVAIcare focuses on the basic needs of older people such as safety, eating and drinking, taking medication or maintaining cognitive abilities.

The core of VIVAIcare is a technical platform (IoT) that is connected to various devices and sensors in the home, collects the data, evaluates it and, if necessary, reacts to changes in a flash. We made sure that sensitive data is particularly well protected right from the start: The user alone determines which information is used or shared.

VIVAIcare not only maintains the quality of life you are accustomed to, it also creates a feeling of security in anxiety-provoking situations – for residents and their families.

VIVAIcare in a nutshell

Here you can see a short video contribution about the diverse benefits of our VIVAIcare system. Sadly, it is only avaible in german at this point.

Security & surveillance

Fall detection

Monitoring of vital signs

Alert chain

Hydration & medication

Reminder function

Preservation of cognitive skills

Voice assistant

Home furnishing

Here you can see the installation of the VIVAIcare system in a sample apartment. Explore the map by hovering over orange images.


The VIVAIcare system primarily supports people with restrictions- e.g. with age-related mild dementia, rheumatoid diseases, diabetes or cardiovascular diseases - in everyday life. It enables them to live longer and more autonomously in their familiar surroundings instead of moving to a senior residence or a nursing home.

Another target group of VIVAIcare, in addition to outpatient care services and health insurance companies, are all institutions that provide housing such as municipalities, church institutions and real estate or housing companies.

In addition, VIVAIcare is interesting for all other companies that offer or coordinate services in the neighborhood.